Daftar Harga Scanner

Harga Scanner Fujitsu

Fujitsu Scanner IX100 (NEW)  IDR   3,960,000
Fujitsu Scanner S1300i (windows and Mac)  IDR   4,565,000
Fujitsu Scanner ix1500  IDR 11,500,000
Fujitsu Scanner SV600 (NEW A3)  IDR 11,170,000
fi-7100 (Network Scanner)  IDR 29,600,000
Fujitsu Scanner Fi-65F (for passport)  IDR   5,610,000
Fujitsu Scanner SP 1120  IDR   5,665,000
Fujitsu Scanner SP 1130  IDR 10,494,000
Fujitsu Scanner Fi-7140  IDR 16,368,000
Fujitsu Scanner Fi-7240  IDR 23,540,000
Fujitsu Scanner Fi-7160  IDR 21,241,000
Fujitsu Scanner Fi-7260  IDR 30,679,000
Fujitsu Scanner Fi-7180  IDR 36,025,000
Fujitsu Scanner Fi-7280  IDR 45,463,000
Fujitsu Scanner Fi-7700S  IDR 76,484,100
Fujitsu Scanner Fi-7460 (NEW)  IDR 47,179,000
Fujitsu Scanner Fi-7480 (NEW)  IDR 71,830,000
Fujitsu scanner SP1125  IDR   6,380,000
Fujitsu scanner SP1425  IDR 14,245,000

Harga Scanner Canon

Canon P-208II  IDR              2,796,000
Canon P-215II  IDR              4,356,000
Canon DR-F120  IDR              5,940,000
Canon DR-C225II NEW  IDR              9,504,000
Canon DR-C225W  IDR            10,296,000
Canon DR-M140  IDR            21,648,000
Canon DR-C240  IDR            11,988,000
Canon DR-M160II  IDR            14,520,000
Canon DR-M260  IDR            15,180,000
Canon DR-6010C  IDR            43,296,000
Canon DR-M1060  IDR            43,296,000
Canon DR-6030C  IDR            60,060,000
Canon DR-G1100  IDR            86,460,000
Canon DR-G1130  IDR          120,120,000
Canon DR-G2090  IDR            79,750,000
Canon DR-G2110  IDR            96,250,000
Canon DR-G2140  IDR          137,500,000
Canon DR-X10C  IDR          264,000,000
Canon CR-190ii  IDR            48,840,000
Canon CR-190IUV  IDR            50,820,000
Canon CR-50  IDR            20,350,000
Canon CR-80  IDR            27,500,000
Canon FB-101/102  IDR              6,468,000
Canon FB-201  IDR            16,896,000

Harga Scanner Brother

Harga Scanner Panasonic

Harga Scanner Kodak

Harga Scanner Plustek

Harga Scanner Avision

Harga Scanner Epson

Harga Scanner Hp

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